ICE Data


WebICE View Only

WebICE View Only is an Internet-based subscription service that provides real-time access to trading activity on the ICE platform. WebICE is available to members of the Exchange, or existing subscribers who are active in the financial, energy and commodities markets.

WebICE allows the user to create portfolios based on individual user requirements. There is a vast amount of ICE Data available via the platform, including ICE Futures Europe, ICE Futures US (NYBOT) and OTC Cleared Oil, Gas and Power markets.

Subscribers utilize a view only version of the ICE trading platform and can subscribe to ICE North American OTC markets including Natural Gas, Power, NGL’s and Petrochemicals as well as all ICE Futures and NYBOT Futures markets.

The features of WebICE include:
  • Live market quotes including Bid, Ask, trade and Volume
  • Depth of market, level II order book and all bids/offers posted on ICE or ICE Futures
  • Portfolio’s
  • Trade ticker to view current day’s history
  • Timestamps for recording bids, offers and trades