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Today, the need for responsible environmental practices is more important than ever. Industrialized countries are committed to reducing the level of carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases, which have been linked to global warming.

ICE is partnered with the European Climate Exchange (ECX), the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange (CCFE) to offer standardized and cleared futures and options contracts on emission allowances and other environmental products. These contracts are traded via our WebICE Trading platform.

Data Services

The following products contain emission pricing data:

Previous Day Settlement Prices
  • Register to receive free access to the most recent ECX settlement prices
Current Day Delayed Prices
  • Register to receive free intra day ten minute delayed ECX Futures prices
Historical Data Services
  • ECX End of Day Futures prices as well as Level I and Level II tick data can be purchased as a once off data download or as part of a subscription service from the Buy Data section of the website.

  • Download a PDF of all historical data services containing Emissions data
Market Price Validation Service (MPV)
  • The ICE Data MPV Service is a consensus based price validation service providing benchmarking and validation of 'non observable markets' for forward OTC swaps, options and exotic products. More than forty of the world’s leading banks, trading houses, energy companies and investment funds use the ICE Data MPV Service as an independent check of their trading book valuations.

  • Current Emissions coverage include: CO2 EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EUA), EU Certified Emission Reductions and US SO2 Emission Allowances
ICE XML Service
  • A subscription price feed of delayed ECX and ICE Futures Europe intraday and end of day settlement prices volumes and open interest. Does not contain option prices.
ICE Data Panels
  • Free web panels to integrate on your website containing ECX and ICE Futures Europe energy data.
  • Trading access and/or real time prices for ECX, CCX and CCFE are available via the ICE WebICE trading platform. Subscriptions to this service are only available to corporates active in the energy markets.
  • ICELive provides real-time or delayed streaming market price data for all ICE Futures markets, in a selection of quote windows and charts. Market data from several third party exchanges, and news are available as optional extras to customers receiving ICE Futures prices.
Quote Vendors
  • Quote vendors provide a variety of value-added services that cannot be purchased directly from ICE Data such as integration of real-time pricing data from other Exchanges, technical analysis and analytical tools, news information, statistics and company information. You will need to check with the individual vendors regarding their current Emissions products offerings. You can get an indication of an Vendor’s coverage by looking at their product code listings

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